Download PDF by Jennifer Wick, John Wick, Kevin Wilson, Rob Vaux: 7th Sea Compendium

By Jennifer Wick, John Wick, Kevin Wilson, Rob Vaux

This compilation of principles, updates and participant info includes information on each element of seventh Sea.

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These range from Mouse Hill, at a mere 500 feet tall, to the mighty Mt. Re, which we estimate to be no less than 15,000 feet tall. Our estimates are somewhat hampered by the perpetual fog of clouds that clings to the sides of several of the taller mountains. However, it was at the base of the smallest mountain, Mouse Hill, which is located on Stark Isle, that we made our greatest breakthrough. Following the remnants of an unusual road, we found a vast network of caverns that honeycombed the hill, and led us deep underground.

As always, it is a pleasure working with you. Your Loyal Assistant, Professor Joseph McTavish The Isle of Syrne runs fifteen miles from its northernmost 31 point to its southernmost point, and five miles from its western-most point to its easternmost point. It is located near the Median, approximately 300 miles west of Castille. It possesses a warm, humid climate year-round, and thus far we have discovered three sites that we are researching. The island is primarily inhabited by the charming aspreys, though recent years have shown a sharp decline in their numbers, and there is growing concern for the race’s survival.

Bonestone earns its name from its color: a pale white / yellow that resembles human bone. When the sun sets, the stone becomes almost pure white. The current fashion in Vodacce is to grind up bonestone into a fine powder and add it to a morning drink of wine. Smokestone Blackstone Smokestone gains its name from its color. The stone also has veins of black that coalesce in pools of darkness. As nighttime approaches, smokestone grows darker and colder. At midnight, smokestone is so cold it burns human flesh.

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