A Coming of Age - Albania under Enver Hoxha by James S. O'Donnell PDF

By James S. O'Donnell

ISBN-10: 0880334150

ISBN-13: 9780880334150

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In learning Enver Hoxha's forty-year reign (1945-85), this e-book exhibits that, whereas it is important to offer Hoxha a combined file card, he still enabled a small kingdom with a mess of boundaries to take care of its sovereignty and modernize via unorthodox methods.

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We got wind of their treachery when an Albanian delegation was passing through Moscow on its way back from China. One of the Albanians, an honest Albania and the Soviet Union 49 woman [Liri Oega], came to us and told us what was going on. 1 think she was strangled a short time later, poor woman. And it wasn't the Gestapo who strangled her. ' I say this because she was a Communist and they were Communists, too. They strangled her because she, a Communist, had come to us at the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and told us about the Albanians' secret meetings with the Chinese.

Tirane: 8 Nentori Publishing House, 1982), 242,249. 36 Petkovic, 277. 37 Results of questionnaires given in Albania, March and April, 1994. Chapter 4: Albania and the Soviet Union The first five years of relations between Albania and the Soviet Union were marked by the cordiality and comradeship with which they dealt with each other. The relationship was mutually beneficial. Albania gained in the Soviet Union a strong ally, both militarily and ideologically, as well as its greatest source of aid ($200 million dollars in aid between 1948 and 1960).

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