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By Marta E. Altisent

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This number of reviews through eighteen trendy theorists and critics bargains a various landscape of the trendy Spanish novel visible in the course of the prism of Spain's fresh political, cultural and ideological background. It considers the advance of the unconventional as a social reflect and as a altering literary shape, torn among the culture of stern realism and the aesthetics of rupture affecting all Western literature from the Avant-Garde to the Postmodern age. whereas a few essays emphasise the Spanish cultural context and canonical writers, others are of a broader nature, grouping lesser-known writers less than sure literary developments: the metaphysical novel, the city novel, recuperative bills of the Civil warfare, female first-person narrations, and the increase of the preferred detective, ancient, and erotic novels. 3 reports handle the resurgence of the Catalan, Basque and Galician novel and their departure from a poetics of id to 1 of world issues. Interdisciplinary techniques handle the reciprocal affects of literature and cinema, and the results of at the intake of fiction aren't forgotten. The significant other offers considerable bibliographies and a useful chronology, whereas all titles and quotations are translated into English.

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The post-Franco novel found in postmodernism an attractive medium with which to express the rapidly shifting situation of the country. In the era of what Vattimo calls ‘soft thought’, favoring anti-systematic and non-metaphysical categories, the postmodern legitimized a new version of literature that was not necessarily associated with great ideas and causes. It also allowed for a more flexible and less politically committed approach to cultural and social issues. Taking advantage of the powerful movement in Spain toward openness, the Spanish postmodern novel explored the cultural dynamics linked to the digital revolution that had facilitated instant and universal global communication.

Dilthey’s theory of Lebensphilosophie, or ‘philosophy of life’, stressed the part played by the vital and the personal in the acquisition of knowledge. The scientific theories of Einstein, too, were influential, since he brought to the forefront of intellectual debate the imma- 22 GONZALO NAVAJAS terial and the invisible, things that cannot be observed or empirically verified: at the beginning of the twentieth century, physics replaced natural sciences as the model for the social sciences and the humanities.

Had Valle been writing in any other Western European tongue this masterpiece would have enjoyed the cult status of a Ulysses or an À la recherche du temps perdu. The first thing that strikes any reader of *Tirano Banderas is its language. Both lexically and syntactically the novel is unlike anything else published in the Spanish-speaking world at the time, even allowing for the fact that the 1920s were the years of avant-garde experiment in which the search for new forms of expression was a key element.

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