A Nutritionist's Guide to the Clinical Use of Vitamin B-1 - download pdf or read online

By Derrick Lonsdale

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Enuresis is also common. Older children and adolescents have similar symptoms and exhibit this pattern at night, but can also describe their unpleasant and frequently repetitive dreams. This was epitomized by an adolescent girl with extreme anxiety who dreamed repeatedly that she was being chased into a coffin and the lid was then screwed down upon her. She would awaken with a scream, and described the accompanying sensation of suffocation. This could be interpreted as an unusual degree of nocturnal brain hypo-oxidation firing a neocortical distress signal experienced as a vivid sense of suffocation.

TRANSMETHYLATION The one carbon pool represents a group of compounds capable of transferring a methyl group to another compound and thus adding an additional carbon atom. Methionine is the most important methyl donor. Oxidative metabolism synthesizes ATP which is required to form S-adenosyl methionine (SAM) from methionine, and energy is therefore used. The labile methyl group is then passed on to a number of receptor compounds and homocysteine is formed. Homocysteine may be transulfurated or remethylated back to methionine to complete the cycle.

In 1897 Eijkman noted that certain fowls developed polyneuritis due to deficiency of something obtainable from rice polishings, and in 1911 Funk prepared some crystals from rice bran which cured pigeons of the polyneuritis that developed after feeding on polished rice. 8 The physiologic activity of the vitamin is of such critical importance, that it is as well to remind ourselves of the discovery that Peters reported. He stated that "with 100 mg. cm of Ringer phosphate solution, no certain difference between the respiration of normal and avitaminous pigeon's brain has been observed.

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