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By Philip G. Creed

ISBN-10: 0751404330

ISBN-13: 9780751404333

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An example of an hedonic scale. If the scale length is set at a standard 100 or 150 mm, then responses can be measured from the left-hand side or a frequency distribution can be collated using each category. Measuring to the nearest millimetre does not imply that the assessors are using a 100 or 150 point scale; a scale of 7 ± 2 points has been quoted as the number which can be used by an untrained assessor without confusion (Miller 1956). The scale has also been used for assessing the liking of particular food attributes and overall liking, using linear regression to determine which attribute best predicts overall food acceptability (Cardello 1996).

Group and peer pressure, and contextual factors cannot be ignored (Meiselman 1996a). How these factors can influence behaviour needs to be considered when trying to measure and predict the ideal qualities of foods and so relate it to the degree of pleasure experienced by the individual. The scientific approach to understanding the many interactions of these factors is to devise a model of food acceptance. However, the form of model is dependent on the viewpoint of the modeller. g. physiology, cognitive psychology and behavioural psychology in formulating models.

The 12 day stored sous vide chicken dish and the control (freshly prepared). Comments from assessors revealed the reasons were that the sous vide version had paler, blander chicken with a weaker, watery flavoured sauce. Ol). Therefore under laboratory conditions the sous vide processed chicken dish was significantly different and significantly inferior in acceptability compared to the conventionally prepared chicken dish. 5 Conclusions from Experiment 1 This stage of the empirical research has met the first objective and has determined that consumers can discriminate between a conventionally and sous vide processed dish.

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