New PDF release: A Textbook of Plant Virus Diseases

By Kenneth M. Smith

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After a time the plant grows away from the more acute symptoms a n d looks almost normal, except for a slight mottle a n d a tendency for the leaves to be darker green than usual. JVicotiana glutinosa. O n this plant the symptoms are similar to those on the tobacco plant b u t m a y be more severe and the disease is frequently lethal. Solarium nodiflorum. Chlorotic rings have been observed on the inoculated leaves of this species, but systemic infection does not appear to develop. CUCURBITACEAE.

D. Artichoke plant infected with mottled crinkle virus, healthy plants at back. 'Lacination' of infected leaf. Colour breaking of artichoke scales, lower row healthy. Deformation of flower heads; healthy head on left. (After G. P. Martelli) ARTICHOKE MOSAIC VIRUS SYNONYM. Cynara mosaic virus. TRANSMISSION. T h e virus is mechanically transmissible. Symptoms on globe artichoke {Cynara scolymus) and on C. cardunculus var. utilis consist of bright yellow, circular, ellipitical, polygonal or irregular spots scattered over the whole surface of the leaf blade and ranging from 1 to 7 m m in diameter.

This virus seems to be modified by passage of Nicotiana clevelandii (Hollings, 1966a). Fragaria chiloensis Duch. Strawberry Mosaic. Infected Royal Sovereign plants are stunted with small distorted leaves, the leaflets being constricted at the base a n d puckered. Yellow areas of variable size a n d shape occur irregularly over the leaf, tending to be larger near the midrib a n d at the base of the leaflets. 42 Areca Yellow Leaf Virus Necrotic spots are absent except when the plants are also infected with the crinkle virus (Posnette, 1956b).

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