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By Jill Marsden

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This e-book explores the creative probabilities for philosophy created by way of Nietzsche's sustained mirrored image at the phenomenon of ecstasy. From The delivery of Tragedy to his experimental "physiology of art," Nietzsche examines the classy, erotic, and sacred dimensions of rapture, hinting at how an ecstatic philosophy is discovered in his elusive doctrine of everlasting go back. Jill Marsden pursues the consequences of this legacy for modern Continental idea through analyses of such voyages in ecstasy as Kant, Schopenhauer, Schreber, and Bataille.

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Those who would seek to dismiss sexual taboos and advocate a return ‘to the good old days of animalism’ fill Bataille with a genuine sense of dread. On his account, man differs from the animal in that he is able ‘to experience certain sensations that wound and melt him to the core’ (ME 140) but like Nietzsche with his fascination for slave morality, Bataille regards human nature as an ingenious aberration of matter and resists valorizing the pure spontaneity of the natural order – itself an abstraction.

Against this logic, Nietzsche insists that ‘life is not the adaption of inner circumstances to outer ones, but will to power, which, working from within, incorporates and subdues more and more of that which is “outside”’ (WP 681). Contrary to the Darwinists who construe life as fundamentally reactive – a tactics of environmental adaptation for survival – Nietzsche suggests that life is ineluctably superabundant, fervently creative and combative: The will to power can manifest itself only against resistances; it therefore seeks out that which resists it, – this is the original tendency of the protoplasm when it sends out pseudopodia and feels about.

The importance of this ‘art’ ought not to be underestimated. Nietzsche suggests that it is only through the transformation of ‘nature’ that a transformation of thought is possible. There is a sense in which philosophy must become ecstatic if it is to succeed in In the Horizon of the Infinite 13 thinking beyond the values which perpetuate the logic of the same. A philosophy which practises this art fails to commensurate with work or even with discourse, both of which forestall the tendency towards collapse.

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