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This e-book takes examples from all over the world, identifying via historical past and anthropology, exhibiting that individuals have, in numerous methods and at various instances, verified mutual relief, self-organization, autonomy, horizontal selection making, and so forth--the rules that anarchy is based on--regardless of whether or not they referred to as themselves anarchists or no longer. Too good documented to be strictly mythology, and too generalized to be strictly anthropology, this is often an inspiring solution to the folk who say that anarchists are utopian: a point-by-point creation to how anarchy can and has truly labored.

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Typically, when a village expressed interest in joining the group, someone from the CIPO would come and explain how they worked, and let the villagers decide whether or not they wanted to join. The government frequently denied resources to CIPO villages, hoping to starve them out, but it is no surprise that many people thought they could live more richly as masters of their own lives, even if it meant greater material poverty. How will decisions be enforced? The state has so thoroughly obscured the fact that people are capable of implementing their own decisions that those raised in this society are hard-pressed to imagine how this could be done without giving a small minority the authority to coerce people into following orders.

The basic unit of organization consists of a group of families living together in a settlement 5 Sam Dolgoff, The Anarchist Collectives, New York: Free Life Editions, 1974, p. 113. 44 on occupied land. These groups retain autonomy and self-organize matters of day-to-day living. To participate in regional meetings they appoint two or three representatives, which in principle include a man and a woman though in practice this is not always the case. The MST has a federative structure; there are also State and National Coordinating Bodies.

To increase their power and their revenue, princes forced free peasants into serfdom, and resurrected Roman Civil law, which instituted private ownership of land, something of a step backwards from the feudal system in which the land was a trust between peasant and lord that involved rights and obligations. Meanwhile, elements of the old feudal hierarchy, such as the knighthood and the clergy, were becoming obsolete, and conflicted with other elements of the ruling class. The new burgher mercantile class, as well as many progressive princes, opposed the privileges of the clergy and the conservative structure of the Catholic church.

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