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26. 3. Bioluminescence and visual signalling, p. 35. 4. Summary, p. 39. 1\. Signals used for social integration and other purposes A social organisation that is evolved to provide the basis for conventional competition presupposes that its members will be able first of all to recognise one another, and then to comprehend the bond of interest that unites them— a bond that arises from seeking the same conventional rewards, and turns under stress into rivalry. Recognition and comprehension imply communi- cation, and this is a two-way process of transmitting and receiving, of signal and perception.

Parti- cular attention has been paid to it in the present work, because it is funda- mental to the dispersion hypothesis; the principal allusions to it in the chapters that follow have all been assembled in the index for ease of general reference. As being the only possible method of evolving sterile castes in social insects it has been recognised by Sturtevant (1938, p. 75) and O. W. Richards (1953, pp. 145-6); and the general action of natural selection on integrated social units as such has been explicitly pointed out by Allee (1940).

207 and 222) observed a continual succession of lights and flashes, varied in colour, some pale yellow and others pale bluish, some irregular and some blinking, and of an infinite variety as regards size and juxtaposition. At one stage he estimated that there were never less than ten visible at a time. In warm coastal waters in many parts of the world there are various syllid worms, including the celebrated fire-worms of the West Indies (Odonto- syllis enopla), which have mass displays at regular times of spawning.

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