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To help them achieve their maximum size, live food should form 70% of their diet. If your Arowana is between 12cm to 20cm, it would be recommended that you feed it twice daily. These young Arowanas are still in a stage of growth and will not develop to their full potential and in some cases, even survive, on a single feed daily. Older Arowanas between 21 cm to 40cm will be able to last on a single feed daily; and Arowanas that measures over 40cm can be fed every alternate days. Q&A: HOW DO I KEEP LIVE FEED FOR MY AROWANA?

Again, food like carrots are recommended for their high beta-carotene content. It is important to keep the mealworms dry as dampness can kill them. Young Frogs: Small non-poisonous frogs are also great, nutritious food for a young growing Arowana. Frogs can survive for days without food and sunlight, needing only daily water change. TIME TO HEAD OUT AND GET YOURS! We've covered a fair bit of ground with Arowanas and you are now armed with the knowledge to start on your journey. Drop by your local aquarium and check out the various options available to you and make sure you enquire about any additional or special requirements there may be for rearing an Arowana in your area.

The frequency of water change would really depend on the number of Arowanas you want to keep in the tank - the more fishes, the more often you should change the water. If you've got a smaller tank, then the same applies - change the water in your tank frequently. How much water and how often you need to change the water also is dependent on the nitrate and ammonia level. the quality of the fish, the performance of the filtration system and the type of food you feed your Arowana. Live food such as frogs and crickets will pollute the water and thus, you will need to carry out more frequent water changes.

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